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Bergen kommune


Prosject name: Bergen kommune

Location: Stemmeveien

Application: Rehabilitation of pipes for drinking water

Category: Full structual lining IBB16

Dimentions on pipes/tanks, pressure and temprature, etc:

DN550 & DN300, lengde 100 meter

In June 2022, Pipeliner completed a full rehabilitation of 2 drinking water pipes, DN550 & DN300, each 100 meters in length on Stemmeveien in Bergen.

The original pipes were gray cast iron dating back to 1865. These pipes were located in an area with historical significance, just meters away from the Bergen State Archives, which houses a vast amount of documents underground. Any leakage in the original pipes was not desirable.

The project was executed using our new fully structural drinking water liner from IBG. We had experts from the manufacturer involved in the installation. Pipeliner is proud to have successfully completed a project that was carried out as planned.


Oslo kommune


Prosject name: Oslo kommune

Location: Eikenga

Application: Rehabilitation of pipes for drinking water

Category: Full structual lining IBB16

Dimentions on pipes/tanks, pressure and temprature, etc:

DN200, lengde 97 meter

In April 2023, Pipeliner completed a comprehensive rehabilitation of a drinking water pipe, DN200, with a length of 97 meters in Eikenga, Hasle district in Oslo. The purpose of the project was to secure the water supply in the area. The existing pipeline had experienced several ruptures, impacting businesses in the vicinity.

The municipality's requirement was to rehabilitate the 97-meter DN200 water pipeline using internal full structural lining in accordance with NS-EN ISO 11295 Class A, with minimal excavation.

Pipeliner takes pride in having successfully executed this project as planned.


Prosject name: Kongsberg kommune

Location: Gromsrudveien

Application: Rehabilitation of pipes for drinking water

Category: Retraction of PE pipes using the Die Draw method

Dimentions on pipes/tanks, pressure and temprature, etc:

DN400, lengde 365 meter


Kongsberg kommune

The assignment was carried out as a subcontract for the client Implenia AS, and the method was used to avoid unnecessary excavation in the new county road through Kongsberg. The background for the project was the occurrence of leaks in the newly laid ductile water pipeline, which was constructed in connection with the establishment of the new road section.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens veivesen) did not want to excavate the pipeline to locate the leaks. Therefore, a trenchless method using Die Draw was chosen.

Implenia chose this method because the pipe supplier, Hallingplast, guaranteed a minimum lifespan of 100 years as long as the installation and handling of the new pipes were done in accordance with regulations. Pipeliner also demonstrated that this method would provide the largest inner diameter in the pipe after installation.

The Die Draw method involves pulling the PE pipe through a funnel, known as a Die. Hence the name Die-Draw. The thin pipe is shrunk by 10-12 percent when pulled into the host pipe using a winch. Once the PE pipe is pulled through the host pipe, the pulling force from the winch is released, and the PE pipe will return to its approximately original dimensions. This results in a tightly fitted pipe inside the existing pipe, providing maximum inner diameter and optimal flow capacity.

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