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Welcome to Pipeliner AS - Your Trusted Partner for Industrial Lifetime Extension.

Pipeliner AS, a part of Invex Group AS, has a long history as a reliable partner for both offshore and onshore industries.


We are pleased to announce that Pipeliner AS has expanded its portfolio by merging with United Pipeline Services AS and Grønn Overflateteknikk AS, bolstered by Invex Group AS.


We focus on our core business: extending the lifespan of new and existing pipes and tanks, industrial painting, sandblasting, and FROSIO services. Our solutions and internally developed products are deeply rooted in experience gained from demanding environments, our clients' need for lasting solutions, and an understanding of the cost-intensive consequences of downtime.


The Pipeliner Liner System represents our cutting-edge technology for the internal lining of pipe systems and tank lamination. By using our versatile epoxy, Pipeliner High Temp Coat, we offer a cost-effective increase in lifespan. Introducing Pipeliner's Super Wrap, our latest generation of repair solutions designed to restore the strength of corroded, weakened pipe and tank walls.


Paint removal on brick, concrete, steel, fiberglass, and brick - our advanced technology and experienced team of professionals ensure efficient and gentle removal of all types of paint without damaging underlying surfaces. Pipeliner has many years of experience with large projects, and our goal is always to provide high-quality services at a competitive price.


We also offer industrial surface treatment and have a dedicated FROSIO Inspection department to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


Join us on the journey towards extended lifespan and increased efficiency.

Pipeliner AS - your trusted partner for industrial lifetime extension.


r pipe repair and rehabilitation
r pipe repair and rehabilitation
r pipe repair and rehabilitation
r pipe repair and rehabilitation
r pipe repair and rehabilitation
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